WhatsApp Web: Everything You Need to Known About Whatsapp Web-FAQ

WhatsApp Web (Watsapp Web): Ever since WhatsApp Launched its web version in January 2015, the acceptance of using the world’s most popular messaging app via your computer or laptop has been steadily increasing. The major reason for people’s fascination with the web client has been the use of the platform as an alternative to emails for quicker and easier file sharing, information transfer, and professional messaging.

Whats is Whatsapp Web (Watsapp Web)

WhatsApp Web (Watsap Web)

People love their phone and people love Whastapp, but many people use WhatsApp for work, where WhatsApp Web comes in the picture. Whatsapp web (watsapp web) allows you to use WhatsApp on iPad, Laptop, PCs, Android tablets, and other devices. You can easily set up WhatsApp Web app on any of these devices. Whatsapp Web lets you use WhatsApp via your computer’s web browser and is basically a mirror of the chat messenger.

To recall, WhatsApp Web was first introduced around five years ago. However, Whatsapp Web does cover a bunch of essential features that make it perfectly usable. Keep reading this article as well as tell you how to use WhatsApp Web.

How to Use WhatsApp Web (Watsapp Web).

In the next section of this article, we have shared several basic tutorials which will help you to use  Whatsapp Web to its full potential.

  • Finding Contact 

Once you scan the QR code on your PC, WhatsApp Web will instantly synchronize with your phone and display all of your recent messages. You can scroll down and text anyone on your contact list.

Additionally, you can even use the search bar on top of the message section to search and message a particular contact.

  •  Forwarding Message

Forwarding messages on Whatsapp is one of the simplest tasks when you are using a smartphone. However, the option to select and forward the message on WhatsApp Web is a bit risky.

To forward a message take your cursor to the message you want to forward and click on the bottom facing arrow. Lastly, select the forward message option.


  •  Upload and View Status

Whatsapp Web allows users to view the status uploaded by their friends and family members.

However, the service doesn’t allow users to upload or update status. Although, you can view you own status that you might have uploaded with your smartphone.


Sending Picture and Files

In addition to sending text messages, WhatsApp Web allows users to send and receive images and other supported files. In order to send pictures from your computer click the paperclip icon at the upper right of a chat.


WhatsApp Web ( Watsapp Web): How to use:

Using WhatsApp Web is an easy thing, but for some people who have no idea about how it works may not know about it. You can follow this quick guide to learn how to use WhatsApp Web on PC. Keep in mind that your mobile phone needs to be actively connected to the internet for WhatsApp Web to work.

  1. On your computer, open the browser of your choice and visit www.web.whatsapp.com and hit the enter button.
  2. You’ll now be asked to scan the QR code that appears on the screen. If you have an Android smartphone, open WhatsApp> type the vertical three dots icon and select the WhatsApp web. Similarly, if you have an iPhone, open WhatsApp> tap Setting > followed by typing WhatsApp web.
  3. Now, scan the QR code that’s there on your computer screen. That’s it, WhatsApp web will now be active on your computer system. You can simply start chatting with your contacts by opening their chat threads. Besides, you can also start any chat by clicking on the new chat icon.
  4. Just for the record, WhatsApp web works on both Mac and Windows PC.
  5. Do note, for WhatsApp web to wor your phone on which your WhatsApp account is active needs to turn on along with high having an active internet connection.


WhatsApp Web app: How to download and use with QR code


If you prefer having WhatsApp as an app for desktop, rather than going to your web browser and loading WhatsApp Web is time you have close the browser follow these steps:

  1. Tata, visit www.whatsapp.com/download and hit enter.
  2. Anda download WhatsApp for MAC or Windows PC click the green Download button. Note, that the website automatically detects whether you are using a Mac or Windows pc so you can don’t really have to look for a particular version for your system.
  3. Once your file is downloaded, install it on your system and open it on your system and open it.
  4. You will now see the family QR code, just like the one you see when you open the WhatsApp Web on a browser.
  5. Scan the QR code from your phone by opening WhatsApp. if you have an Android smartphone, open WhatsApp> type the vertical three-dots icon and select WhatsApp Web similarly, If you have an iPhone, open WhatsApp >tap>setting >followed by typing WhatsApp Web.
  6. Before scanning the code, make sure you check the keep me sign in option right below the QR code. This is to be done so that you don’t have to scan the code each and every time you open the app.
  7. That’s it you now have WhatsApp running as an App in your computer.


How to Log Out of WhatsApp Web

If you are using WhatsApp Web (WatsApp Web) on you own computer, you can stay logged in even when you are done. It’s convenient.

If you are using it on someone else computer, then it’s best to log out after you are done. It’s best to do this on both the computer and your mobile app.

  • To log out of WhatsApp web on desktop, go to Menu>Log out.
  • To logout WhatsApp Web from all devices that your phone is connected to,  you go to Menu> WhatsApp Web> logout from all devices.


What You Can Do With Whatsapp Web

  • Use your keyboard to type
  • Access media ( photos, videos, audio) in line. You can also download any media directly to your PC.
  • Start a new conversation with any contact, are search for existing conversation.
  • View contact info.
  • Start a new group chat, talk in group chat, and view group info.
  • Connect multiple computers to your phone and save them for the future. You can also remotely disconnect any browser from your phone.
  • Get our mute desktop alerts and sounds.
  • Send emojis former GIFs, and stickers, as well as voice notes.
  • Share photos and videos, documents, and contacts.
  • View WhatsApp status updates from any contact.
  • Select multiple messages and clear messages.
  • Reply, I forward ok, star, or Delete messages.
  • Change your profile


What You Can’t Do With WhatsApp Web

  • You can’t send a WhatsApp Broadcast.
  • You can’t make or receive WhatsApp voice calls not WhatsApp video calls.
  • You can’t post new WhatsApp status updates.
  • You can’t share my apps or your current location.
  • You can’t change media download settings, so all photos and videos sent to your download automatically.
  • You can’t use two Browser at the same time. while you can add multiple browsers/pieces to your phone, you can only use one at a time.
  • Get to notifications through WhatsApp web and chat wallpapers.


Using multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Some folks have two numbers associated to two different WhatsApp account. you can still use them both on a single PC.

To do that, you will need to open the WhatsApp web in two different browsers ok, such as Chrome and Firefox or Opera. Alternatively, you can open the WhatsApp web in an incognito window, but that locks out after an hour.


What Makes WhatsApp Web Special

So why should you use WhatsApp web when it’s more Limited than the phone? Because of the keyboard, of course.

If you want to engage in a long conversation with someone, it’s easier to type on the keyboard. in fact, WhatsApp web also works with WhatsApp Business, and you will be glad that you can take care of multiple customers through it.

You can use keyboard shortcuts to. The most useful to to remember our Control + shift +[ to go to the previous check, and Control + shift +] to go to the next chat.


How safe is the WhatsApp Web? (WatsApp Web)


While it initially got some Flagk for its lack of security WhatsApp now boasts into end-to-end extend to WhatsApp web as well as encryption for all its message.

WhatsApp web Dark Mode: How to Enable

WhatsApp web doesn’t officially support dark mode, but there are two ways to enable it easily. You can either enable it by using the Inspect Element option on your browser or installing and extension start here is what you need to do:

  1. Open Google search and head to WhatsApp Web.
  2. Open your Android or iOS smartphone to scan the QR code on the display by heading to the Setting WhatsApp Web options.
  3. Now you will be logged into the web version of your WhatsApp.
  4. Now that you are on the web interface of your WhatsApp, right-click to select the inspect option from the menu.
  5. Once done, you will see the source code of the page in the right part of the screen.
  6. The source page has various options in the top section such as Elements, Console, Sources, Network, and Performance. You need to type on the Elements option
  7. 1st year, you will find a string of code written as ‘body class=web’ at the top
  8. All you have to do is, add the word ‘dark’ to the string so that there any string Code ‘body class=web dark’  is formed
  9. Now press enter and voila! WhatsApp web dark mode is enabled.

You can close the source page to start using the WhatsApp web in dark mode. One thing worth noting is there if you refresh the page or close to, WhatsApp f for Web will go back to the original; light theme. You have to apply this trick each time you log in to the WhatsApp web.

I hope the aforementioned hacks help you get dark mode on WhatsApp Web until it’s officially got announced. Once that happens, we will let you know.


How to Edit Your Profile in Whatsapp Web. (WatsApp Web)

  1. Open the WhatsApp Web on your computer’s browser or open the desktop app.
  2. Click your profile icon at the top. To change your profile photo from your computer, click on your profile photo if you have set on already >click on upload photo or take photo depending on your choice
  3. Below your profile picture, you can see your name. Click the pencil icon to edit.
  4. Similarly, blow your name you will see About. Click the pencil icon to edit.
  5. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to post WhatsApp Status. However, you can still check your contacts Status stories. To do that click on the status icon, next to your profile picture> now click on any contact to view their status.


WhatsApp Web video calls: A simple hacks

Want to make WhatsApp video call from your computer, you can’t use the WhatsApp (watsapp web)  interface. What you can do instead is put WhatsApp on your computer and run it there as if it were on your phone.

The only problem with that is that there is not a WhatsApp desktop version that supports webcams! The solution is to install the WhatsApp mobile app within an Android emulator so your computer things that the app is the mobile version. This will enable live video calling feature.

Here’s how to fool your computer into thinking you’re on your phone so that you can make video calls from WhatsApp using your computer’s webcam. The method you will use involve a completely free Android Emulator that fully supports WhatsApp and has been tested to work almost as good as using the real mobile app.

How To Make WhatsApp Web Video Calls From a Computer

To make video calls with WhatsApp on a computer, we have to avoid the WhatsApp web option and go to straight into using the Android app.

  • Download BlueStacks, for free Android Emulator for Windows and Mac.
  • Open BlueStacks and install the WhatsApp mobile app.

Whatsapp Web (Watsapp Web)

Note: would be asked for your Google login information at some point during this whole process. Provide kit when asked so that you can proceed with the WhatsApp installation.

  • Select Open when WhatsApp finishes installing.
  • Open WhatsApp from your computer by following the on-screen directions: Agree and continuous, enter your phone number, and so forth.
  • Once you see your list of contacts, select the one you want to make a video call with.
  • Just like when you use the WhatsApp app to start a video call from your phone, select a video icon at the top right corner of the conversation to start a WhatsApp video call from your computer.
  • Select Call to confirm.
  • Choose to Continue to give WhatsApp access to your microphone and camera, cloud The Other forms about recording audio and assessing pictures.
  • The call will start immediately and look exactly how it does from the mobile app on your phone.


Whatsapp Web (Watsapp Web)

Tip:  Maximize the screen to take advantage to your monitor’s size during the video calls.


Other WhatsApp Web Video Calling Options- (Watsapp Web)

You should be aware that BlueStacks isn’t the only Android emulator about there. Some other options include NoxPlayer, Remix OS Player, and Andy.

It’s important to note that not all Android insula that’s the easiest way to install WhatsApp on your computer from otherwise, you have to find WhatsApp APK file and install it manually, which doesn’t always work well.

WhatsApp also isn’t the only video calling app. There are lots to choose from, some of which fully supports web video calls without the need to jump through hoops like you have to do with Whatsapp.

Facebook message mat and Skype or two examples of apps that have a web version that can make video calls. Just visit on Messenger.com or web.skype.com to make video calls from your computer without WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Web (Whatsapp Web) not working on PC. How to Fix this

With your phone, computer, are Wi-Fi connection are some of the common reasons why you might not be able to send a received message on WhatsApp web or Desktop.

Phone Connection Problems-

  • You could be having phone connection problems because of which WhatsApp web might not work on a computer. To fix this, make sure that your phone always has an active internet connection.
  • You could also be having computer connection problems if you see a yellow banner above your chats list with the error message ” computer not connected”,  make sure to check your computer’s internet connection is active. It is not just your phone that needs to have an active stable connection, but your computer also require the same.
  • Lastly, you could also have Wi-fi problems while using WhatsApp Web. If WhatsApp web notifies you that you are on a Wi-Fi network that preventing WhatsApp web from operating correctly, please make sure your internet is set up to bypass traffic to web.whatsapp.com, .web.whatsapp.com, or .whatsapp.net.


Whatsapp Web ( Watsapp Web) FAQ


Q. Where can I get the WhatsApp web App?

A. WhatsApp web app is an online application, which can be accessed by visiting the following web address.


Watsapp Web

Visit WhatsApp Web App


Q. Can I use WhatsApp web without a phone?

A. No, you cannot use WhatsApp Web without a phone. Although it’s an online-only service, users still need an active phone with internet connectivity to make WhatsApp web work.

This is to make use of WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption where messages are encrypted from the sender’s device and can only be decrypted by the intended receiver. Also, the messages are sent from the registered same phone number, which cannot be accessed with a working phone.

Q.How to download WhatsApp web on my computer?

A. You cannot download WhatsApp web on your PC. It’s an online-only service, which can be accessed by visiting the link given above you can also Google WhatsApp web.

Watsapp Web


When then if you want an application for PC, there are dedicated apps available for Windows and Mac system. These can be downloaded Here.


Q. How to login into WhatsApp web?

A. WhatsApp Web login can be performed by simply pointing your phone that has the WhatsApp account configured on it commerce to the QR code shown on the web page.

Follow these steps to login to WhatsApp Web:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Open setting and scroll down to WhatsApp web.
  3. The following screen will open the camera scanner. Now visit the following web address given above and scan the QR code on it.
  4. Once done, the service will fetch your WhatsApp conversation and present it on your computer.


Q. Can I make a video call on WhatsApp web- (watsapp web)

A. No, it’s not possible to make a call using WhatsApp Web.  You can still send voice messages using the web app on my Windows on our microsystems. Simply press the microphone icon on the bottom right corner to record your messages and send them.


However, if you still want to make a call, you may use WhatsApp app on your Android or iOS base smartphone. You can also download the desktop app to make WhatsApp call from your computer.


Q. How to get notifications from WhatsApp web?- (watsapp web)

A. Getting notifications from WhatsApp web is pretty simple. All you need to do is navigate to the blue banner at the top of the chat list after you have logged in.


From there, selected Turn on desktop notifications option police once done, you will be notified when anyone sends you a WhatsApp message.


Q. Is WhatsApp web available for iPhone?

A. Yes, WhatsApp web is available for iPhone users. in order to access this, all you need to do is log on to https//:web.whatsapp.com from the desktop. Make sure you have a working WhatsApp account on the iPhone before using the PC.

Q. Follow these steps use WhatsApp web (watsapp web  with Apple iPhone.

  1. Open WhatsApp on my iPhone.
  2. Open Settings and scroll down to WhatsApp Web.
  3. The following screen will open the camera scanner. Now, visit the following web address https//:web.whatsapp.com/ and scan the QR code from it.
  4. Once done, the service will fetch your WhatsApp conversation and present it on your computer.


Q. How is WhatsApp web on Android different from iPhone?

A. WhatsApp web on Android is absolutely similar to the one available on Apple iPhone.

WhatsApp web is a web app that works independently e without any platforms. It works seamlessly with Blackberry, Windows Phone, and even Nokia S40 operating systems.

The application for Android [hones might be a bit different and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Q. It’s all on the web

A. WhatsApp web is a cloud-based app that works across all with platforms. The app was made for being used on PC with a simple purpose of the offering is a seamless way of messaging with great comfort of typing and navigating.



For those who won additional functions, taken downloaded the delicate adjective version app to be able to make calls and too much more using the Whatsapp Web services.

Is WhatsApp web better or worse than the mobile app? Latest no in comments about your experience.

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